The Project

The Foundry Church approached Dan Vos Construction in the fall of 2015 to help them in the build of a new meeting place.  Foundry searched looking for suitable property to build on.  After months of frustration as they pursued some suitable sites, the option to lease 435 W Main Street, Zeeland opened up.

2016-04-06 (3)

The 435 W Main Street location became a strong candidate in the beginning of March.  On March 11 the initial look at the building with Dan Vos Construction took place.  At the meeting Pastor Eric Folkers kindly informed the team of some information that he had obtained earlier that day.


Keep updated on the construction progress

The information…   in order to get on the April Planning Commission schedule plans had to be submitted to the city by the following Thursday 3/17.  Thankfully a site plan already existed so only a conceptual rendering of the exterior and a floor plan was needed.

View of the existing building
View of the existing building

In quick fashion Craig Boersen from DVCC (Dan Vos Construction Company) put together some initial renderings of the exterior and the floor plan.

WWW Views - 3D View - from SW

Joe Geelhoed (DVCC) performed a quick parking study and laid out a plan that would also need to be submitted to the Planning Commission.

A quick meeting with Christopher Kallemeyn (Foundry) on 3/15 confirmed that we were on the right track. So the plans were successfully submitted to the Planning Commission on 3/17 in time to make it on the April agenda!

Internally at DVCC we held an official design kick off meeting on 3/24 with Lon Tiffany (project design manager), Craig Boersen (project designer) Joe Geelhoed (project civil engineer) Dan Blundy (project manager) and Gary Zandstra (project executive).  At the meeting some design changes to the exterior look and floor plan were discussed and subsequently drawn into the plans.WWW Views - Plan Isometric

On 3/24 the DVCC project team met with the Foundry Team, Pastor Eric Folkers, Christoher Kallemeyn and Jacob Bonnema.  Also joining that meeting was Rick Huizenga the property owner.  During that meeting the initial design renderings were reviewed, commented on and subsequently updated.

Soon after that meeting on 3/29 DVCC walked through 435 W Main with some MEP contractors (Mechanical, Electrical, Plumbing) to start budgeting the project and looking for any potential major construction issues.

The Planning Commission approved a special use permit for the project.  The special use permit will allow the church to meet in the currently zoned commercial building.

WWW Views - Exterior Elevations

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